Triple-Action - Double Edge

Triple-Action - Double Edge

Packing an awesome punch, Cold Steel's Triple Action proves that the power and strength of a formidable cutting tool doesn't require a folding knife with the weight of an anvil. Closing to a length of only 5 inches and weighing only 3.6 ounces, the Triple Action Folding Knife is a dynamite innovation.
A super-tough blade of VG-1 stainless steel provides superb cutting ability in the world's finest combination of blade strength and flexibility. The aircraft grade aluminum handle (roll engraved with a distinctive pattern) gives the Triple Action an exceptional look, and the pocket clip makes it easy to carry. Cold Steel's Triple Action Folder is among the safest knives you can carry. When closed, the blade is totally encapsulated by the locking cover, and when open the solid aluminum construction and heavy duty lock prevent the blade from closing. So, the Triple Action Folder is as strong as (or possibly even stronger than) a butterfly knife while also being legal to carry in most states where the butterfly is banned.
Even when closed, the Triple Action Folder is a force to be reckoned with. Its solid construction makes it very stiff, strong, and unyielding in tough situations, giving its user confidence in its effectiveness and eliminating any fear of breaking the knife. Remarkably well suited for use as an impact weapon to attack an opponent's nerve centers and repel or subdue an assailant, the closed Triple Action serves admirably as an improvised "Yawara" stick. Because it is extremely thin and flat, the hand encircles it comfortably and completely, promoting a very secure grip which will allow the striking of powerful blows.
Blade steelVG-1
Rc hardness57-59
Blade length4"
Length open9 1/8"
Blade thickness1/8" (3mm)
Weight3.6 oz
Made inJapan

More about VG-1 Stainless steel:
When considering a new material for a performance upgrade for their famous Tanto, Cold Steel tested seven different grades of steel including Shiro 2, V-SP-2, 10A, 440C, VG-10, ATS 34, and VG-1. Physical testing for sharpness, edge retention, point strength, shock, and ultimate blade strength showed that while many of the steels had increased performance in one or two testing categories, only one, VG-1, showed the greatest performance increases in the most critical categories. With an outstanding ability to retain an edge and proven strength in point and blade tests, VG-1 will provide Cold Steel customers with superior performance previously unavailable in a stainless steel blade.

Price: $96.99
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Manufactured by Cold Steel

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