Triode Headlamp - Black Body

Triode Headlamp

Heads turn when you show up after dark wearing Gerber's versatile Triode headlamp. After all, it looks as good as it illuminates the trail ahead. And it illuminates like the dickens, thanks to a trio of intensely bright L.E.D. bulbs. Especially when it's set on the higher of its two brightness modes.
The versatile Triode can be worn on the adjustable headstrap Gerber includes, or it can clip comfortably and easily to your cap or vest. It's really just a matter of your personal preference.
The Triode gets its power from the lone AAA battery which is included. The L.E.D. bulbs sustain peak brightness for longer periods casting a wash of light out some 50 feet and never need to be replaced.
    Triode Features:
  • Three White L.E.D.s never burn out or break
  • Adjustable head strap for comfort
  • Clips to bill of hat or use headband
  • Light pivots up and down
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Configuration Modes: bright steady white, dim steady white
  • Housing Material(s): ABS Resin

Price: $18.99
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Manufactured by Gerber

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