Spike - Bowie Spike


The Spike, designed by Barry Dawson, is a weapon pared down to its bare essentials. Its thick, narrow blade is distal tapered and flat ground to a zero edge. This creates a unique cross section that facilitates both penetration of the tip and cutting power previously unknown in such a thick, narrow blade. The integral handle of the spike compliments its minimalist theme. It has been carefully shaped out of solid steel, wrapped with cord and had all of its sharp edges "melted" so they don't irritate the hand. Each spike comes with a sturdy Secure-Ex sheath and steel bead lanyard so you can wear it around your neck or lash it to a "D" ring, fanny pack, or other gear.
Blade steel420
Rc hardness56-58
Blade length4 1/8"
Length overall7 7/8"
Blade thickness5.75mm
Weight2.7 oz
Made inChina

Price: $27.99
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Manufactured by Cold Steel

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